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TOADILY UNDER HER SPELL is an Adorable Raggedy Witch.  She is dressed in her Finest Halloween Outfit.  She has Purple Striped Legs and the Best Pointed Black Witch Shoes.  Her face is sooooo Adorable with her Raggedy Square Felt Nose that is stitched on and 2 Black Button Eyes.  Her Cheeks are Blushed with Dry Brush Paint.  The Best Witch Hat in Town made from Black felt with a Purple Net Bow and Gold Star with her Pet Spider Hanging Down.  Esmeralda's tag says "Hocus Bocus"

Esmeralda is in so much trouble since while babysitting for her Little Sister she accidently said the words Hocus Pocus and  turned her into a Toad.  The Toad Witch has on a Orange Calico dress with a Black Star Apron.  Her Bloomers are a Orange Stripe.  Her tag reads "Toadily Under Her Spell.  Her Froggy Body is Green Calico.  The Frog's face is so Adorable with those two Black Beads for Eyes.  She is wearing her Best Witchy Hat too that is made of Black Felt and has a Gold Wood Star at the tip of the hat.  She also has a Pet Spider hanging from her hat.  

Such a cute doll to make for this Halloween season.

If you Don't Sew, No Worries, I can make a Finished Doll for you.  Just email me with for a Price Quote and Availability.  Fabrics may vary depending on Availability.

Connie Sixel
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