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Spooky Hollow E-pattern is a cute 25 inch ghost that is all deck out in her Halloween best. She is made of a white calico. Spooky has a cute face that has a burgundy felt nose that is stitched on, two black button eyes and blushed cheeks. She has a bow on the side of her head. Spooky's dress bodice is a purple calico with gold stars and her skirt is a halloween border print. Spooky's bloomers are a striped purple calico and she has 2 purple calico bows on her feet. Her tag reads, SPOOKY HOLLOW. 

The pumpkin is made of orange calico. It has a purple patch and star patched stitched on the side. Fall leaves are hot glue to the top. Spookie's baby, Little Spooks, sits on top of the pumpkin. She is made of white calico with a burgundy felt stitched on nose, two small black baby buttons for eyes, blushed cheeks and a tiny bow on the side of her head. She has a burgundy felt heart stitched on her body. Just purchase a halloween tin and you have a great Halloween ghost to haunt her house this Halloween. 

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