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I Love the USA, FINISHED DOLL, is a Adorable Patriotic Santa. He has on a Navy Blue Star Shirt. His Vest is made of Burgundy Felt and has a Navy Star Stitched to the front with 2 Gold Buttons and a Gold Chain. His vest is Blanket Stitched all around the edge. His Pants are a Burgundy/Ivory Stripe Calico Fabric with a Navy Star Cuff. He has two Patched Stitched on the Knee. He has to Burgundy Ribbed Socks. His Boots have Shoe strings and a Burgundy Heart Stitched on the one Foot. His Face is so Adorable. He has two Black Bead Eyes and a Wood Plug Nose. He is wearing a pair of Glasses. He has a White Beard made from Yarn. His Fabulous Hat is made of Burgundy Striped Fabric and Burgundy Felt. The Brim is Blanket Stitched around the Edge with a Gold Glitter Star in the center. His Hat is Adorned with Gold/Burgundy and Navy Ribbon and has Felt Handmade Hat tags that say I Love the USA. A must have for Americana Collectors.