ANNIE & ME FOREVER WILL BE Instant Downloadable Pattern

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ANNIE & ME FOREVER WILL BE E-pattern.  This raggedy bride and groom are soooo cute. The raggedy bride is dressed in a white lace dress. She has a flower wreath for head dress with a white net veil. She has burgundy striped legs and white pantaloons. Her face is so cute with a burgundy felt nose stitched on with two black button eyes. Her flowers are made of felt. Her tag says, ANDY AND ME FOREVER WILL BE.

Andy is dressed with black checked homespun pants with two contrasting patches on knee. He has burgundy striped legs. His shirt is a burgundy calico. He is wearing a bow tie. His face has a burgundy felt nose stitched on and two black button eyes. Hair is a burgundy felt. He is wearing a top hat for the special occasion. His tag says, LORD GET ME TO THE CHURCH ON TIME.

This is a E-pattern only, not the Finished Item.

Connie Sixel
My Darlin Dolls (C) 2005

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